Unique Produce

The premium soils of the Pacific Northwest combined with warm days and cool nights foster ideal growing conditions for a variety of root, tuber, and stem vegetables. Most of the vegetables, shown below, are available ten months of the year. In addition to the items below, we offer a variety of other unique root vegetables.



Size: small and medium
Packaging: 20-lb. poly bag and (12) 1-lb. cello bag

A creamy yellow, long-root vegetable that resembles a carrot. It has a rich sweet nut-like flavor and can be boiled, fried, glazed, creamed, and used as an ingredient for soups and stews.


Red & Gold Beets

Size: medium and jumbo
Packaging: 25-lb. poly bag

Red beets are round roots with red skin and meaty flesh.

Gold beets are round roots with golden-orange skin and yellow flesh.



Size: small, medium, and jumbo
Packaging: 25-lb. poly bag and (12) 1-lb. cello bag

A round root vegetable with a smooth skin and purple top, the creamy white flesh has a crisp texture and sharp flavor if eaten raw, which mellows when cooked.



Size: medium and jumbo
Packaging: 25-lb. poly bag

Round roots with pale yellow skin and a cream-colored flesh. The course texture provides a slightly sweet flavor.



Packaging: 25-lb. poly bag (med or jumbo), 50-lb. clip-top Carrot carton, (10) 5-lb. and (24) 2-lb. cello bag

The carrot is an orange root that has a sweet flavor and is one of the most popular versatile root vegetables. All carrots are hydro-cooled and hand-packed for shipping.



Packaging: 20-lb. box and 40-lb. box

Daikon is available June through December. The Pacific Northwest Daikon radish has a smooth white skin with no green tops or root hair. All Daikon radishes are handled with care from the field to the packing facility.


Yukon Gold & Red Potatoes

Packaging: 50-lb. bulk box and 10/5-lb. bags

Yukon gold potatoes have a fine-grain texture with a rich buttery flavor.

Red potatoes have red skin and white flesh.